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Frisian March v 1.3

  • 2015-11-21 09:04
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Frisian-March-1 Frisian-March-2 Frisian-March-3

– Mixer Factory: production of compound feed, bran, grass and water or bran, grain maize and water
– Oil economy with oil / diesel / engine oil producing and selling
– Distillery for sale of barley and wheat
– Broiler
– 4 Biogas Plants
– 660 ha Farmland
– Soccer field / stadium instead of the baseball field
– Flour mills for wheat, barley and maize
– Rapeseed for biodiesel mill
– Factory for Bakery products and bread
– Bread, baked goods and flour sales via supermarket
– Sugar Factory for sale of sugarbeets
– Pulp Mill for sale of wood, woodchips
– Feed stores
– New grain trading port – Here we can continuously delivered grain which you buy low and sell for a profit again through the sales offices
– Concrete plant (with sand, gravel and cement) concrete can be sold in the village, sand, gravel and cement can be sold at the freight depot
– Freight Station with trains to shutdown of cereals and wood (as in the original map)
– Slurry and manure sale is at the nursery
– Built wishing well for gold coins reward at the Town Hall in the village
– Cattle and pig breeding
– Milk may (but need not be sold itself)
– Forests have new texture and are clearly reforested
– 100 gold coins
– Water mod
– Gas station
– Butcher for cattle and pigs sale
– More sub-plots on the farm, biogas plant and sawmill
– Some forests
– Dikes, ditches, windmills, Flachlandmap
– Large road network with traffic signs and adapted
– Many new grass fields that need not be purchased separately
– Larger Home Fleet
– Customized visibility, slowing crop growth
– Adjusted pedestrian
– Edeka and Lidl
– Amended unloading
– Adapted PDA Map
– Milk factory is now Hansano
– Cow meadow at the Court
– Larger Sheep Meadow

Version 1.3:
– Now Map without ditches is now almost completely 1.3 available without trenches

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