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Food Plants “Fruit Pack” v 2.5

Food-Plants-“Fruit Pack”-v-2.5-2 Food-Plants-“Fruit Pack”-v-2.5-1

In this Assembly:
– Cannery produces: Pickles, Sweet Corn, Lecho, Juice Multifront
– Dairy plant produces: Yoghurt and Condensed Milk
– Sugar, Sugar Factory
– Greenhouses for growing: Strawberries, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Bell pepper and Onion
– Trees – Orange, Plum, Cherry, Apple, Pear
– The grocery store – Sells Products
– The vegetable store – Sells all Fruits and Vegetables
– Trailer for transportation of fruits, vegetables, products (nothing extra)
– Tank: transportation of milk, water

The composition of the package:
– AAb_UPK_ROS_Obst_und_Beeren – plants, trees, shops
– AAb_UPK_ROS_Gemuese – greenhouses
– AAA_ROS_Krone_Emsland – trailer for transportation
– WaterMilkZunhammer – tank, water, milk
– StopMilkSale_1_2 – stop autoproduce milk
– AAA_UniversalProcessKit scripts
– Schmitz_SKO_Cool_Edeka_H97 – trailer for transportation of finished products

Version 2.5:
– Added Mill: three types of flour – wheat, rye, corn
– Added Bakery: three types of bread – wheat, rye, corn
– Bread is sold through grocery store
– Added plant salt. Salt added in some production
– Added an apricot tree. While the fruits are sold through vegetable shop
– Added the wagon. Need for transportation of all products
– The trailer only need to transport fruits and vegetables

Author: AKA_Boroda


8 Responses to Food Plants “Fruit Pack” v 2.5

  1. tabgan

    2015-02-22 at 13:36
    How do you get fertilizer to the greenhouses? The cucumber one need water, cow dung and fertilizer.

    fertilizers download AMAZONE. in the screenshot technique for maintenance

  2. Rui

    For the fertilizer is it a specific mod you need or just one that comes with the game?

  3. Rui

    On the previous version you helped me understand what the buildings needed, can you do the same to the new ones please? Mill, Bakery and Salt plant.

  4. shackcat

    Good day, Please can you indicate how long it takes for flour to be produced ?
    Do you have to add wheat, barley and corn or will mill run with just 1 item added ?

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