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First Day Reviews – Forestry Pack v 4.0

Forestry Pack

This pack contains updates for all the machines mostly track and grapple fixes various other issues

New Machines in this Pack:
– T200 Butt N Top Loader ShortGrapple
– Chev 2500HD Silverado

Authors: First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil, Fredzaza, Ombelis, Navan, Martynas, Kostolom, Leon, Rock1899, keks15, Bolt, Rambow145


2 Responses to First Day Reviews – Forestry Pack v 4.0

  1. First Day Reviews

    Hey Guys, Just Updated to 4.1 (Fixed issues with chevy model and exhaust as well as some braking issues on the skidder,)

    If the above link has not been updated please download from the link in this video –

    thanks for your patience!

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