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Fendt Trisix v 1.0

Fendt Trisix

This is newly overhauled Fendt Trisix Prototype Tractor
Power 1000 hp

Authors: Original Creator, FarmerMark


4 Responses to Fendt Trisix v 1.0


    buenas. no tiene tracción a todas las ruedas, solo tira hacia delante o atrás las delanteras

  2. Labar didier

    the tractor has a power of 540 hp and no 1000hp check before say stupid things,thank you

  3. ScrollsyScrolls

    It does look quite interesting, does it not?

  4. Fransieman

    there shouldn’t be a name on the rear, take a better look at the pictures of the fendt trisix and maybe I’ll download it later

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