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Farming Simulator 15 Update 1.3

Farming Simulator 15 Update 1.3

New in this Update:

– Reduced memory usage with Mods
– Added display of amount that money has changed by the last action of the player
– Improved vehicle handling
– Cuttings trees works more reliably
– Fixed crashes with wood cutting
– Fixed crashes on 32bit computers
– Fixed Jenz chopper movement issues
– Reduced used network bandwidth in multiplayer
– Fixed wrong movement of trees in multiplayer
– Visual fixes for the Kuhn Profile1880, Case IH Quadtrac, Lemken Heliodor, Grimme Maxtron, Capello Quasar F4, Krampe SB 30/60, Liebherr Tl 436-7, Ponsse Scorpion King, Ponsse Buffalo, Jenz Hem583, Väderstad Carrier 820, Krampe BB 900, Deutz 6.61
– Fixed error with the ChurchClock script in mod maps
– Fixed sapling pallet not locking to trailers
– Fixed wrong placements of trees in the map
– Fixed field texture disappearing in the distance after removing windrows
– Increased capacity of manure heap
– Reduced loading times
– Improved performance when working on the fields
– Added possibility to sell wood chips with a shovel
– Fixed crash when placing objects near map boundary
– Reduced multiplayer synchronization times
– Fixed rendering of fields on DirectX (Intel GPUs)
– Fixed Biogas silos when almost empty
– Fixed Grimme Tectron unloading animation
– When disabling the mini map in the options, the full screen option now is still available
– Fixed power usage of the balers
– Fixed selling price of saplings
– Fixed difficulties when washing attached tools
– Fixed slot capacity in WebStats of Dedicated Server
– Fixed saving of multiplayer client permissions
– Fixed issues with the helper
– Fixed crash when removing a gamepad on MacOSX
– Fixed issues the tyre tracks
– Fixed unfolding of combines after resetting

DOWNLOAD 340 MB English [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 340 MB English [Sharemods]

DOWNLOAD 333 MB German [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 333 MB German [Sharemods]

3 Responses to Farming Simulator 15 Update 1.3

  1. Mr. Rk

    When installed this update i get a language error.
    “Dutch-language_ not installed”

    Does any one have a solution?

  2. Ed

    You can go to the farming simulator official website to download it here:

  3. audrius

    o in the original webpage and download from there because from any other page may be with bugs if in original webpage this update doesint egsist that means this is shit not update bet update 1.3 is official on original website so go inthere and download

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