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DTP Map v 1.5.0

  • 2015-09-05 10:40
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This time there are two different versions. Once a shall we say “light” version which brings equipment with which you can work from the outset. And a “heavy” version which also brings equipment with which it is more difficult, however, to build up his business.

Version 1.5.0:
– Made slightly higher at sawmill sales trigger for wood
– Purchase fertilizer for sowing on land trade added and removed at the court
– Adjusted fertilizer warehouse at the court
– You can fill the fertilizer machine outside the hopper
– This is connected to the fertilizer warehouse
– In addition, you can also take the machine directly to refill to the warehouse next to the manual blades
– All over the Map fertilizer and Saatlager were sporadically added taken from the camp at the court all fertilizer
– Filling the Hoflager is possible only at the court
– The compost Master Farmer Andy was inserted (Multifruit is recommended so that you can drive compost all manure spreaders The config is)
– Inserted outlet for compost and the selling price on a normal level Law
– The Carpenter the inserted sawmill

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