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Double and Triple Anhydrous Tank Wagons v 1.0

Double-and-Triple-Anhydrous-Tank-Wagons-1 Double-and-Triple-Anhydrous-Tank-Wagons-2 Double-and-Triple-Anhydrous-Tank-Wagons-3

This is a twin 1,450 and three 1,000 gallon nurse tank. This wagon is built for your large needs with its rugged frame with walking beam suspension. So take it down that bumpy, rutted up back road. Watch roll right over anything with ease. This wagon can refill at any working fertilizer fill point and also can refill any tank in the field. Rides stable and tows nicely behind any tractor or implement. Working width is 12 meters with this tank. The longer this wagon works in the field the dirtier it will get right along with the tires.

Authors: Giants, Braindead4554, MS Modding, Mwlacy, BigCountry, Sivy, AlbertL, westmorgan, 812farmer, MikeLowery, farmerboy69, red farmer 976, JohnDeere1952


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