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Dondiego Map Reloaded v 4.0

  • 2015-04-06 09:35
  • Maps

Dondiego-Map-1 Dondiego-Map-2 Dondiego-Map-3

– Multifrui Map
– Standard Fruits + rye, oats, sunflowers, spelled, millet, poppy and alfalfa
– Pigs and cattle fattening
– Broiler
– Water mod
– Slurry manure lime mod with lime silo on the farm
– Food storage with conveyors
– Wool Palette Collector
– Mixing Station
– Garden centers of manure / dung purchase
– Straw purchase at the circus
– Slurry and manure storage
– Display Overview
– AI Traffic: cars and pedestrians

Authors: webalizer, marhu, Xentro


One Response to Dondiego Map Reloaded v 4.0

  1. lol

    La map ne chaarge pas quand je la met en route le bouton demarrer ne safiche pas

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