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Delta Del Ebro 15 v 2.0 FINAL

  • 2016-04-08 19:42
  • Maps

Delta-Del-Ebro-15-1 Delta-Del-Ebro-15-2 Delta-Del-Ebro-15-3 Delta-Del-Ebro-15-4

Version 2.0 FINAL:
* All prices fixed
* All factories repaired
* Add real terrain phsycs in map
* Add damage vehicles scripts and workshops for repair (optional)
* New foliage plants
* Potato washer installed
* Fixed menor bugs
* Add no gloss effect script
* Installed goose farm
* Installed chicken2 farm
* Updated pig and beef farms
* New bulls farm and erase horse farm
* PDF tutorial created and included for this map
* Change some textures objects
* Modpack updated
* Redecorated some map parts
* BGA fixed
* Erase fishmarket and add Gardencenter to buy planting trees

Author: RacheT13


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