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DAF XF 105 Show Pack v 1.0

DAF XF 105 Show Pack (1) DAF XF 105 Show Pack (2)

The Pack consist of:
– DAF XF 105 Bobcat Edition Truck
– DAF XF 105 Doosan Edition Truck
– DAF XF 105 Space Cab Truck
– DAF XF 105 Space Cab Limited Truck
– DAF XF 105 Stobart Edition Truck
– Bobcat Edition Schmitz Cargobull Trailer
– Biomass Stobart Edition Agroliner Trailer
– Nooteboom Edition Semitrailer
– Bobcat S160
– Godet DL200 Shovel

Authors: Giants, Scania_Power, Serge44, EuroDZN, Getsome LS15, Fire Technology LS15, Nord Line Agricole Team, HoffiLS


3 Responses to DAF XF 105 Show Pack v 1.0

  1. RAphKiLer

    bonjour, la subaiser ne marche pas on arrive pas a faire descende les rampes aidez moi !

    merci et au revoir

  2. wtf

    Thank you for blocking it for edits.
    I hate the camera position it has, and can’t change that in the Giants editor now 🙂

    I understand that you don’t want people to rip parts off it, but you really block it for the people that are doing the right things.

    Love you for that…. Not.

    The truck is great overall, just the cam position is crap.

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