In this big category with a lot of subcategories, you will find famous (and not) brand implements and tools for agriculture.

Vogel Noot Terra Dig XS v 1.0


Washable Vogel Noot Terra Dig XS Cultivator

Authors: Cheetah LS11, deere_power

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Lemken Gigant 800 v 1.0


– Working width 8 meters
– Wheel Shader
– Simple using at work through synchron up-down of the 2 attached tools
– Synchron adjustment of the 2 attacher points (heigh and gradient) for efficient using of other tools
– Helper can handle the Gigant

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Maschio Gabbiano 6000 Super v 1.0 BETA


The Gabbiano folding power harrow is recommended for medium large Farms. It’s robust, reliable with limited weight to match tractors from 120 hp to 280 hp. It’s equipped with multi speed gearbox to better adjust to the different working requirements.

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Adaptor Frame Implement Frontloader v 1.0


The AgrarProfi24 tractor three-point adapter coupling hook offers the possibility of existing devices with Euro mount (loader connection) as Soil buckets, manure forks, ball forks etc. Also to go to the rear of the tractor hydraulics. The adapter frame made of high strength steel, we have with galvanized bolts.
Factory side the adapter frame is colored red RAL 3002, but can be dyed any color.
The weight is in original 70 kg. Increased it to 243 kg so it will not easily slip away.
When disconnected it doesn’t fall down but stands magically.
During the coupling, the bolt will be inserted.
All common front loading extensions can be installed. However, Caution: The hydraulic system of the tractor can’t moved in every direction or rotate, therefore the adapter frame is especially recommended for pallet and bale transport is.
With all standard tractors, this frame has been tested, the height is perfect for Stoll Palette fork and for Poltergabel.

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Horsh Terrano 8FX v 1.0


– Working width 7.5 meters
– AO Texture

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Nisula attachable Harvester v 1.0


The modern farmer must from now no longer save the expensive Scorpion, but now buys the Nisula Harvester attachment for his house tractor. The harvester can fell all common trees and trim even already cut trees. With its 36-stage taper lever trees can be pruned as a whole.
The butt plate protects the tractor in front of the tree trunks and can be used as a rear shield.
To prevent tipping of the tractor, the work supports must be extended (Keypad 7). The hydraulics should also be lowered, but that’s not a must.
We strongly recommend to hang a heavier weight to the other side of the tractor.
The harvester is designed primarily for use in the immediate vicinity of the tractor to large leverage effects should be avoided.
The harvester requires at least 100 hp.

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John Deere 1770NT CCS Planter v 2.0


Version 2.0:
* New seed animations
* Fixed fill bugs
* Capacity 12000 liters
* New Colors

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