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Case IH 9230 with Dynamic Front Wheels Pack

  • 2015-01-16 10:16
  • Case

Case-IH-9230-with-Dynamic-Front-Wheels-Pack-1 Case-IH-9230-with-Dynamic-Front-Wheels-Pack-2 Case-IH-9230-with-Dynamic-Front-Wheels-Pack-3

– Twin driven front dynamic wheels with custom spacer
– New wider dyeable wheels front and back
– Differential changed, steering, brakes, torque and RPM adjusted
– Road speed limited to approx 34 km/h
– Harvesting speed with the supplied dyeable Case IH3162 is 18 km/h
– Capacity 60000 liters
– Steering wheel speed reduced
– Washable
– Multiplayer
– Wash time reduced and aerials fitted
– Case IH3162 18 km/h Header
– Custom color for Wheels

Authors: Giants, Stevie


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