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Brompton Farm v 1.0

  • 2016-02-14 19:41
  • Maps

Brompton-Farm-3 Brompton-Farm-2 Brompton-Farm-1

The map is a small Dairy & Arable Farm map. Small machines are advised. There is one yard, Barley & Wheat stores only. Other crops can be tipped & stored using tip anywhere mod, the map i have made from scratch. Please note this map has been made to my style and may note suit your own style of map.

Author: WBF


3 Responses to Brompton Farm v 1.0

  1. florian deforge

    Hey, how are you ?

    Your map is superb and I’m enjoying to play on.

    I do not open the black gates, which are located on the farm and to the dealer.

    I have mod “map door trigger.”

    Should another mod to open these barriers? If so which one?

    Pending a return on your part.


  2. Johnny7610

    Im loving playing on this map

  3. Johnny7610

    Watch my vids on this map. pls subscribe like comment and share. Thanks

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