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Big Farm v 1.0

  • 2015-02-09 20:20
  • Maps

Big-Farm-v-1.0-1 Big-Farm-v-1.0-2 Big-Farm-v-1.0-3

– On the start point of the farm where you start you can find Machine halls and storage for potatos, sugarbeets and woodchips
– You can find seeds and fertilizer. You can feed the chickens with Grain and Water
– On the other side of the farm you can find storage for barley, wheat, canola and mais. You can find a Mixing Machine and Storage for grass, silage, manure, mixing feed and chaff
– There are 4 chaff silos on the farm.
– You can Find multiple anmimal, Cows, Sheeps, Chickens, Calfs and Pigs
– You can collect and sell the milk by yoursels
– Biogass
– Milk Factory
– Vehicle Shop
– Sawmill for selling woodchips and Logs
– Slaughterhouse
– Storage pit for liquid manure
– Forestry area
– 10 buyable fields and you own field 11 and 3 grass fields

Author: Mike


8 Responses to Big Farm v 1.0

  1. benlef79

    Love the map set up but how do you get the gate at the house chicken area to open?? It won’t open on the download I have.

  2. huxi

    wheer to open the front gate to main house

  3. Flight48

    Hi mike great game have just spent 4hours on the map using courseplay saved the game came back on and got a message saying Giants editor 6.0.2 has stopped working can not get back into game have removed all mods still won’t load help!,,,,,,,,

  4. huxi

    canĀ“t open the main gate to house ect .. please write where to open it

  5. Jesse

    There is no trigger to feed the chickens wheat? I tried every angle with a tipper …I tried corn as well. Also at the Landhandel the grate where you dump grain to sell it …the Grating bars are 3 feet off of the ground. This is an awesome map am still playing with these issues but just wondered if there was a fix. Or if I was missing something about feeding the chikens

  6. Jesse

    Hello Mike great map just a couple questions/ concernes.. I can’t seem to hit the tip trigger with my trailer full of wheat to feed the chickens at the silo next to their water….Am I missing something…also tried corn from every angle no luck. That is the only Problem I have found with function. The other is esthetics…the Grating at the Landhandel tip trigger location is floating 3 feet off of the ground . awesome map though I am loving playing it. Thanks Jesse

  7. thanos

    very nice map but how can i open the front gate to main house?

  8. fedoor

    bonjour,carte geniale,mais je ne peu pas ouvrir les porte et grille a l’entrer de la ferme,je mis prend mal ou ca bug???

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