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Big Farm 1.2

  • 2015-02-20 09:41
  • Maps

Big-Farm-v-1.2-1 Big-Farm-v-1.2-2 Big-Farm-v-1.2-3

Version 1.2:
– Fixed the grid at the country trade
– Fixed the issue with the Chickens
– Added fattened chicken stable
– Added new textures, Wheat, Barley, Canola, Manure and Lime

Author: Mike


7 Responses to Big Farm 1.2

  1. Flemse

    Hi great map, but i can’t open the gate to the sugarbeet storage or to the Silageplant

  2. ayrshiregamer

    as above would love to use this map but cant get the gates to open not matter what animation door open mod i have in

  3. huxi

    u have to download mods animationMaptrigger

  4. Rumplymaple

    Hi. I love the look of this map and would really like to farm it. I have used Course Play and tried without it, but the second I start unloading the harvester the game freezes. All I can do is [Alt-Tab] and close window (FS2105). Quite sad as I went through all the maps and was fond of yours. I will wait for a response from you. Thank you for your efforts in putting something like this together.

  5. Rumplymaple

    Hi Mike. I finally figured out what was causing the map to hang. I had “Manual off loading” Mod installed. Thought I would let you know that the problem was not with your map. Thanks mate

  6. Beanie

    Thank you for map, can we sell manure & slurry? if so where and what trailers please.

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