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Bergziege II Prototyp Pack v 1.3

Bergziege II Prototyp Pack-1 Bergziege II Prototyp Pack-3 Bergziege II Prototyp Pack-2

The Pack consit of 4 Bergziege II Prototyp Tractors with Original Interior:
– Bergziege II Prototyp 12.300: power 300 hp
– Bergziege II Prototyp 14.420: power 420 hp
– Bergziege II Prototyp 16.540: power 540 hp
– Bergziege II Prototyp 18.660: power 660 hp

Version 1.3:
– Matt finish
– Motor Upgrade 35% more effective performance
– 12.300, 14.420 drive 65 km/h
– 16.540, 18.660 drive 60 km/h
– Revised forest cage
– Revised frontloader
– Improved rearward offset interior view
– Daytime Running Lights
– Adaptive Headlights
– Correctly oriented Adaptive Highbeam
– V-Lights
– 3rd brake light
– Increased work lights
– Modified reversing light
– Changing positions of Worklight
– Changing position of the mirror
– Properly adjusted mirrors (for coupling and work, due to the drive)
– McCulloch chainsaw model
– Turned the steering wheel position
– Revised interior lighting

Authors: Shoebeck, G├╝llemax, SpeedySC1978, Timber131, MeNotU, T0xic0m, Puma


2 Responses to Bergziege II Prototyp Pack v 1.3

  1. John

    This is a amazing mod, I use this one all the time, the 660hp tractor. No errors, no lag, works perfectly.

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