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Amazone Crass Hopper v 2.3

Amazone Crass Hopper

– Weight: 9.1 Tons
– Width: 3 meters (wheels have intentionally no collision, so that one better comes through)
– Power: 2750 hp
– Torque: 7220 nm
– Maximum speed: 240 km/h
– 4-wheel steering system for the highest agility
– Loads 100000 liters of standard fruits
– Helper (not working on mower, however, on, try a XDisc on the Harvest)
– A lot of Attachers (front loader, front hydraulics, rear hydraulics, trailer, TrailerLow, SemiTrailer, cutter, Harvester)
– All service Trigger (Fuel, Seed, Water)
– Overloading
– Liquid manure transport
– Straw on harvesting to create bales

Author: Eisbearg


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  1. Darko

    Why cannot purchase?

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