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Ackendorf v 1.1

  • 2015-10-28 20:38
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Version 1.1:
– Search Mods script adds: Showing you the required and recommended mods ingame displayed if they are missing!
– Start exchanged vehicles to higher start-up capital
– High-bay Colis revised
– Mixed cow pasture to Hof2 incl Mixfeeder and sheep to Hof1.
– PDA Info adapted and supplemented Signs
– Adapted pallet prices of the final products
– Added mixed feed plant in the mast
– Increased fruit farm
– Scales built with statistics on Logistics Center
– Installed (UPK) Basin on Hof2 (So you can now also wash the Beast without the game crashes!)
– Installed hardpoint extension (HPE) workshop on Trigger Shop
– In compound feed stock to Hof1 also bales can now be stored (BaleTrigger of IFKO!)
– At the field 57 a manure storage has been installed with BaleToManure Trigger
– Adapted field Prices
– Duplicates of clover and lucerne in the drill away
Adapted heap when manually mixed feed stock at Hof1 –
– Shelters replaced / supplemented at court 1
– Diesel production (UPK) installed tank farm
– Fruit Farm and Greenhouses now also need cardboard and empty pallets
– Mixing station removed and replaced with a new one (save 1 Script!)
– Factory palette collectors name for the multi overlay Hud adjusted.
– Adapted behalf of silos for the multi overlay Hud –
– Various holes and hills away
– New purchasable objects (see list below!)
– Added water production –
– Various trigger adjusted (compost plant, hall door logistics, …)
– Structural changes to the composting plant
– Additional storage for added
– Adapted sawmill name
– Colis adapted to bridges
– Added additional signage
– Reworked BGA gates and doors
– Edited volume of the BGA silo
– Added Missing water
– Chickens can be supplied water and wheat now
– Changed signs in the fattening
– Crap all masts can now be picked up on a heap (except egg-laying station!)
– Away green strip in the tunnels
– Some Terrain adjustments
– Adapted signage
– Changed SeedMaster name
– SeedMaster seeds (pickled / seeds2) added to Hof2
– Shifted production of cardboard and empty pallets on LU premises
– Shifted production of food (fruit) in the Hall 1
– Added loading ramps for trucks at the Garden Center and the Logistics Center
– Added collection point for empty pallets at the Garden Center
– Added storage space for empty pallets, cartons, seeds and compost on the garden center
– Increased access to LU
– Added a new production locations
– Optional Mist sale at Depot
– Created passage between the dugouts on Hof1
– Reworked Field 2
– Reworked Field Definition No.45
– Unnecessary objects removed
– Warehouse 1 increases
– Transit (Tor H1) increases
– Increased trigger the gates H1 and H2
– New Fruit CCM added including production.
– CCM Silo (Hof1, BGA) added (CCM ensiled to feed it or give in BGA)
– CCM can also be fed without silage at the poles (pork, beef)
– CCM stock (Hof1)
– Milk tanks exchanged
– New integrated optical grass bunch with the sheep
– Floating trees removed
– PDA adjusted
– Various changes to the terrain, objects, etc …
– Reach truck got a new camera
– Reach fork can now lift cans without UAL script UHT milk

Author: Chefkoch_LS2011


2 Responses to Ackendorf v 1.1

  1. Danilo

    Alguem pode me ajuda instalar ou me da instrução de instalação ?

  2. Angel Fernandez fernandez

    No me carga el mapa. Me pueden decir por que por favor

    i5 4690k oc 4gh
    8gb ram
    geforce gtx 960 oc
    ssd 120gb
    sata de 500gb

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